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Social Sessions with Mike GannottiSocial Sessions with Mike Gannotti  Quest Software’s Ian Lindsay is someone I go waaaaay back with from the days working as fellow SharePoint Technology Specialists in the Microsoft Mid-Atlantic District. A great guy with some common areas of hobby passion, Ian has long been someone who has helped organizations with their transformative collaboration efforts.

In this Social Session Quest Software’s Ian Lindsay and I discuss Quests November Conference, Tech (The Experts Conference). Along the way I check in on how he is doing and we discuss some of the amazing scuba dives Ian has been on as well as planned upcoming ones… There are pics of Giant Clams on the Great Barrier Reef involved… Need I say more? :)


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And kick it off.

No agenda no takes and no social sessions with Mike janani.

And welcome to today's edition of social sessions with my chin adi today I am joined by Mr. Ian Lindsay himself from quest and lurking in the background we have Rob tovar who's going to be the silent partner kind of hanging there but Ian welcome thanks Mike good to be here yeah so I was really excited to have Ian on so Ian you're an old comrade from years ago so yeah just real quickly.

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Or we get into some of the stuff you had a a quite a lengthy stand at Microsoft. So yeah, it's not quite as long as yours now. I was there for 14 years while you were there, so about 7 1/2 years ago I took a break and.

Ended up the quest afterwards and your routes they run deep within the whole collab space which is kind of cool Oh yeah I've been doing that for with with you guys for quite a long time so even before this I was at a consulting company that was very tight with Microsoft as well so you know as we look at some of the things that we're going to get in the tech in just a moment I know you have some exciting news about a conference and stuff first of all you know with everything going on I gotta ask so how you your family doing.

How you handle it all everything is happening the same we still need good it's Internet it's hasn't been a huge change for me I was already at work from home person so the only real change for me is I'm not traveling at all right now I'm doing everything like I would from my Home Office much more different for my wife she's a school teacher?

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So it's been a big transition for her and all of the other teachers who never had any idea that they were going to suddenly have to try and do distance learning for all of their pits so she's had a lot of fun with that I'm sure that's that's gotta be I mean that is a big change.

So one of the things and I love this 'cause we follow each other on line we're on Twitter and you know are you on LinkedIn not LinkedIn Instagram no not on Instagram just so it's on Twitter the ICM but we both share a similar passion so yeah last thing before we get into the whole tech piece you want what is it that you love to do one of the big things that I and my wife loved doing is scuba diving.

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I know along with you with you your big diver as well.

Divers are like Oh no let me get out of your picture so it was hard to to get one in but and it's hard to tell these things are just incredibly iridescent so that a bright blue.

A neon blue and the other one and they are at least as big as your torso, including your head large. It's the things that you would see in the old 60s TV show where the diver gets his food plugged in it.

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Medium those were probably one of the highlights of that trip those and cuttlefish and.

Back then it was lionfish, seeing a lionfish during the day was also an interesting one, but since it's those guys have kind of moved around there yet, we are now.

I see total being being a clean some so any other before we move on any other last dives it really kind of stand out in your memory or.


Other big one is the Galapagos islands that was another bucket list trip we managed to get over and do some diving into global goes islands and we got to see hammerhead sharks there so it was the first time I got I got hammer heads.

So that was really cool was the individuals or schools schools yeah none of them got too close to us but we got some some pictures and you can definitely tell their hammer in its yeah very nice yeah I always tell people you know.

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In the world attack, and we're going to move into that next here. But you know, it's easy to get so immersed, right? But diving is one of those great places where.

You know although there are some technology your dive computer and some other things that you might be using it's really kind of that zone where you just get out away from it all you can get it there you go yeah.

And really just kind of clear the mind and it's awesome yeah definitely a whole different world and some of the things you get to see is just crazy.

Yeah so bringing this on back to tech moving from diving that's hard we can I could talk diving all day cycling stuff out there I got I do have to ask this because they are prolific in both.

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The Barrier Reef and in Galapagos did you see any great whites did not we were there in the long time the cans is in the North so it's the warmer water I drink twice or in the great whites or in the South so if you're like in Melbourne or Sydney greater chance to send one and it was the wrong time of year when we were in the Galapagos gotcha that it made me think of it I saw a video.

Some guy was just down, um.

Was it I think it was it was off the Barrier Reef yeah it was a just posted the other day he was free diving is for shark week he's just filming and they were open diving no cage and there's a bunch of great whites and he's just down the bottom and they're coming up to him and then veering away just checking him out?

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Yeah like that did not get any of those that we got a Tiger shark was the biggest I've ever seen in Hawaii yeah.

So, but now the great weights are still on the on the list for me, not for my wife so much, same here.

Alright so kind of switching gears going from little bit of the personal into some of the professional so with quest and you know.

Microsoft does a lot with quest quest has been one of our great partners for many years.

And I understand you have something that you're driving towards that would be of interest to our folks who are working in the collab space yeah absolutely so let me bring something else up here so there's a conference that quest does every year so called tech or the experts conference so this was something that quest had done originally and when questions blocked by Dell.

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Dell kind of killed it and then we when we got spun back out a lot of our customers have to ask if we could bring this conference back so last year was the first year of bringing it back and it's a good conference in that it is not.

Quest specific it's more of a general technology conference and you can see that from the guys that we've got here is our keynote speakers at Randy Franklin Smith who's a big security expert Sean Metcalf.

Other big security guy from Microsoft. We got Chris McNulty. He's going to be speaking as well. Dave Kennedy from true sack, so this conference is targeted as an imperfect person conference in Atlanta. in November, we pushed it into November 'cause we wanted to be after ignite, which unfortunately is now.

10:20 AM

Gonna be virtual we're still hoping that this is going to be an incan in person conference the other thing with this conference is this year we decided to add as an add on some in some training hands-on training for our product is going to be 22 training classes one of which I'm writing as well as could be one full day of training on writing a class on our auditing tool and one of my peers is working on a class for.

Active Directory recovery tool and then we'll dive into the conference with these guys going on and I think it's going to be Randy is going to be the keynote kickoff speaker again as well well I think you know when you're talking about like you're doing the session you said an auditing for training.

I know that's a big interest to a lot of our especially in the regulated industries right the the ability to fully audit.

Yeah, and this the auditing tool we're going to dive in at the very end of it into not only the on premise auditing, but how are we helping with auditing out as well? So what are we doing with in Azure?

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Very nice and I'm just looking over at the sign this first time I've seen this slide it's talking about and you mentioned some of the directory components but we've got hybrid Active Directory security which again most of my customers at least are using that so focus on that Office 365 and then the the whole migration and modernization which I think even with our customers that have.

Rapidly accelerated during these last several months there's still wealth of stuff that's on Prem and files and others absolutely and and that's that's been one of our bigger things that we hear from customers is how do we help get it out there and specifically around it is going to be team so another one of the persons who speak at both of the conference and he's doing what we will be talking about is.

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So the precursors here so mark is actually doing a big session on teams so I had to do teams events.

That's a lot of what you did so yeah this is also going to be bringing that bring that up as well and we're also doing these things here you can see this tech talks as a lead up to the conference we've been scheduling a lot of tech talks with these speakers.

Fridays Friday early afternoon eastern with the various speakers we're going to be there just giving a talk to whoever can attend this actually some of the stuff they're going to be going into in the conference as well.

No I think that's great because you know it is given you know everything's been going on you scheduled it out far enough to be able to bring in and I think you know as I think about it you're probably one of the first ones that we're going to be doing an in-person again right.

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So hopefully it will still be an in person yeah but I mean I think it's great that you know leading up to that like you're saying you've got people doing some of these talks right so that people can start to get a taste of what's going to be there and some of the speakers I love the you know mark rackley's awesome.

Chris McNulty resun as I saw that I started here in my head project cortex project cortex.

Not sure if he's going to talk about that or not yeah but I mean it's you know you've got all these great speakers right so we have a wealth of backgrounds an really I think you know as you look at this the people you're lining up this really is a set of this really is a conference for those who are looking to really dive deep this isn't just marketing and sweet demos these are people this is how you make this stuff home security.

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And working with your systems this is never been a marketing conference it's always been much more technical and it's always been more.

Industry related, not specific to a specific vendor. Hosted by quest. All of these guys when they're talking. They're not talking about our stuff, they're talking about windows security or specific products teams and how they will work. and I was going to say the one other thing too. Like you do have some great Microsoft folks, but you also have.

I would say more right of the non Microsoft but really Top notch people in the industry so customers can expect when they go to a you know an event like this they're going to get the no holds barred they're not just going to get the glossy shiny A ran into Chris and sean's credit too they're not do that either the Intel like it is yeah absolutely yeah these are guys who are recognized industry experts so we're going to be imparting their knowledge too.

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The attendees, so it's it's a really good conference. That's awesome. So if folks you know.

It well first of all do you have anything else that you wanted to share today no that's it that's it OK.

So I I think this is a great like I said opportunity and you have the lead ups coming so if folks want to find out more about Tech. The conference if they want to check out those lead up sessions that you're going to be rolling out.

Should they be doing hit this URL EC right in the middle here the that will have the full information about the conference schedule, information about the pre day trainings. If you're interested as well as all of these lead ups as well.

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Yeah the place to go the experts conference calm and you know if folks are also looking at because quest has been doing again great Microsoft partner for many years lots of great solutions are going to be doing on talking about auditing but many components that are out there if they want to learn more about quest with quest can do for them if they want to contact Mr. Ian Lindsay because Hey I want to see a picture of an iguana in galapogos what should they be doing.

If you want to do that, hit me up on Twitter at at Inlet are at Islands E 760 is my Twitter handle. It's the same on LinkedIn as well and in my email was If you want information about the conference, awesome. So any last words of wisdom to impart to people?

Now of course you would throw something out there and.

I don't know that so sure let's just hope this whole social session situation kind of wraps up and we can all start to get back outside again and do our vacations that we all had planned this summer and you and I can get some new dive pictures and post them out to Twitter miner getting pretty stale people like isn't that bad on your computer again I have it you know as my screen on my Phone I'm computer isn't that like how old that thing I need to change.

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Exactly well excellent well thank you very much in we think Robert for lurking in the background so thank you Robert I just want to thank everybody for tuning into today's social session with my Canadian again join by the incomparable in Lindsay answer the work and things that they're doing a quest around upcoming tech conference so with that this is Mike with.

In putting you all have a great day. Taken is always.

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