Migrated user mailbox was disabled on-premises




We have a hybrid environment and one collegue by mistake performed the disable action for a user mailbox on the exchange on-premises server, this user mailbox was already migrated to exchange online. We still see the mailbox in exchange online but the primary smtp address has change from to


The mailbox is no longer visible at the exchange server on premises.


Is there a way to role back the action performed?



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Hi Carlos,


If you disable the mailbox you have to recover the user associate with that mailbox.


If you user source is AD you need to have Recicle Bin activated before that deletion, if you don't have the recicle bin, you have to create a new user and then reconnect the mailbox.


This article can help you

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You mean they disabled the remotemailbox on-prem, right? But the AD account is intact?

You can always re-enable it on-prem in that case.

Enable-RemoteMailbox <username> -RemoteRoutingAddress username@<tenant>


Then set the SMTP addresses as required on the remote mailbox as required and wait or force the AADConnect sync to 365...


Hi Andy,


Correct, AD user is intact and mailbox data looks to be also intact in the cloud. I'll test your solution, our goal is to not loose data of the user mailbox and be able to see the remote-mailbox on the onpremises server.


I'll update soon.



Thanks Andy,

Looks that we are good now after follow your suggestion.


Thanks @Carlos Gomez I had the same issue.

Massive thanks for this Andy, saved me a lot of heartache and investigation over internet.