Autoreply when email sent to deleted user

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Is it possible to send auto reply to sender that "user(receiver) has left the organization and you can send email to XXXXX person". So that sender will come to know the specific user has left and to whom he can send mail in place of that deleted user.

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You can easily configure this text as an OOO reply, or configure it via an Inbox rule if you want it to be sent to each individual message received. If your question is how to do this when the original mailbox is removed, simply add his email address to a shared mailbox (or to a DG and add the shared mailbox as a member) and configure the autoreply there.

You have to be careful with rules thou because they will loop with other people using rules as their auto replies!There used to be a great 3rd party auto responder tool but it only worked on prem that had loop prevention, no idea if they finally have the API's available or ability to work with O365 now or not.

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As informed before by the fellow admins, you can create an Out of Office reply to the users who still will send mails to the deleted user. This rule will remain while the mailbox exists, once the mailbox is completely erased from the domain, it will stop to reply with the OOO message and just shows an error.


You can create an autoforward rule to the mailbox on Exchange to help them too.


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