Why does my formula turn grey when trying to link data from one sheet to the other..???

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Hi there... 


I have been trying to put data from one excel sheet on another

I do not want to copy paste cause I want it to stay connected

Therefore, using = and selecting the cells I want to copy from one sheet to the other

However, now what happens is that it is pasted in such a way where the formula turns grey and i can't make any changes (e.g. deleting a column)...

I used to never have this problem

So what can I do to simply copy the values into another sheet, while it still says / shows the location of the other sheet, but the formula is black / i can make changed

Hope this makes sense 

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It sounds like the active cell is within a spill but it's not the top-leftmost cell in the spill.


For example:


In the above, to change the formula I must do so in E1.