Where is my Autofill Options button?

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Hi! I have called support and they lead me here. 


After I write a formula in a cell, then I drag down to autofill the next couple of cells, when I release, I do not get the "Autofill Options". What I am trying to do is fill without formatting. I instead get this option. 


Please help!IMG_20200710_132019.jpg

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Go to File, Options, Advanced, Click on Fill Box and Activate Drag and Drop of Cells, Ok ... and now you have it

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@NikolinoDE That is already enabled. 

@NikolinoDE I can autofill, that is working. It is when I am done dragging, the menu is different. How do I change the quick menu button to this referenced picture?autofill-options2.png 

@NikolinoDE YOU ARE THE BEST! I figured it out!


File > Options > Advanced > Under Cut, Copy and Paste, enable Show Paste Button Options when content is pasted. 


Thank you!! 


@conwayamyc , I'm not sure how to enable that option, but you can get a similar set of options when you drag the mouse while holding the right mouse button instead of the left mouse button.

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Yea, same problem.
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What exactly is your problem?
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If it is not as precise as the previous one, please provide a detailed description of your problem. Ideally with a new post, it can help others in the future too.

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