vlookup IP addresses

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I have 2 tables with data including a column with IP addresses (e.g.


I'm trying to do a simple vlookup to check if an IP exists in the second table and return it exists.  I can get vlookup to work just fine on another column containing text but when I try to vlookup the IP address columns it just doesn't work at all.

What am I missing?  Does the column need to be in a certain format e.g. text, number,  currency, accounting etc??????

Help its driving my f*cking crazy

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@lfk73 You didn't provide an example of the formula and data that don't seem to work. The attached workbook contains a working example. Perhaps it enables you to diagnose your problem.

Worked and I figured out why also. Thanks.

Can you please post your solution I am facing the same issue..@lfk73