VLOOKUP: Error in my formula

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Im copying exactly as my teacher taught me lol but its presenting an error, any help?



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  1. The formula in G4 cannot refer to G4 itself. That would cause a circular reference error. You probably want to look up the VAT rate of the country. If that is correct, the first argument should be E4 instead of G4.
  2. 'VAT CHANGE'! is an incomplete reference - it mentions the sheet but not a range on that sheet. Let's say that the VAT CHANGE sheet has a list of countries in A2:A50 and the corresponding VAT rates in B2:B50. In that case, the second argument should be 'VAT CHANGE'!$A$2:$D$50

It now comes up with #N/A or #NAME?

i also changed the headings, so this is the updated view








Why do you have two sheets with almost the same data in the same layout? If it's really like that, simply copy G5:G11 from MAIN SHEET to G4:G10 on NEED VAT. No need for formulas...