Vlookup based off multiple conditions

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I am trying to create a formula based off of multiple conditions that include essentially a category, status and an owner.  The owner would be based off the previous two conditions.  There are multiple options(5+) for category and status.


For Example:

Retail + In Progress = Joe 

Retail + Ready to Invoice = Bob 

Distribution + In Progress = Alex 

Distribution + Ready to Invoice = Sam 


Appreciate the help. Thanks. 

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I suggest to enter below formula in C2 and then copy down.


=IF(A2="Retail ",VLOOKUP(B2,$I$1:$J$3,2,FALSE),



Please be aware that data in range A2:A3 is entered with a space " ". In  A2 "Retail " is entered and in A3 "Distribution ". This is why in the IF formula A2="Retail " has to be entered in order to find an exact match.


I strongly recommend to remove spaces " " in A2:A3 (and in all cells to be added to column A) and to enter A2="Retail"  (without a space) in the IF formula.


Thank you so much! Spent an hr. trying to figure this out.