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I am trying to pull data from one tab onto a "Master" front page.

I have tried VLOOKUP with IF as I am trying to get it to say true or false depending if the word complete in the in source column. Please help 

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It would be a lot easier to help if you gave us a sample of the actual Excel workbook. If the actual one contains confidential information, then create a mockup without that real info. Also let us know what version of Excel you're working with.
Your original question raises more questions as well. Are you actually trying to pull data, or just get a "true" or "false" -- you say both things. Or is it, IF x is true, then do the pulling of data. You see, I hope, the ambiguity, and why it might be difficult to offer the correct solution.

@mathetes thank you - I have added a Test one as the main file I am working on contains client data.

I am basically looking to return True or False in Column D on the master page, if the word "Complete" appears on the second tab column E. Does that make more sense - sorry. I know what I want to achieve just not sure how to articulate it.



The simplest way to do that doesn't require IF or VLOOKUP.. This formula, copied down in subsequent rows, does the trick.



That formula returns TRUE if the referenced cell contains "Complete" and FALSE if it doesn't.


If you wanted something else to be returned, then you'd have to specify those other possible results in an IF statement, and maybe use VLOOKUP. No need, however, to make it more complicated if this is all you want.

That is perfect - thank you so much. This has been driving me bonkers

@mathetes I have another issue now sorry - I am trying to match data from a third tab but the data is in a different order / might not be there.

I need to return true/false again assuming the data in Column C tab three matches Column C tab 1 and that Tab Three Colum F says complete.

If there is no match to column C tabs 1 & 3 I need it to show Error.




This isn't quite what you requested, but let me suggest it instead. It's a bit more precise, showing the status if the name is found, and "Error" if the name is NOT found. But it shows status rather than showing "True" only if name and "completed".






As a comment

- you have Mastersheet, Sheet2 and Sheet3, but no tab 1 and tab 3 worksheets

- assuming they are in sequential order, Column C in Mastersheet is Client, and Column C in Sheet2 is Due Date - these fields never matches

- assuming we match clients, not dates, desired result is true/false and Error, i.e. three results are required where only two is possible, when matches or not.

@mathetes makes some assumptions, with my ones as variant it could be