VBA or IFErrorVlookup?

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Hi everyone, happy Wednesdays!


I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for my current Spreadsheet. I'm trying to input contact details into sheet1, and have them carry over to sheet2. In sheet2, I am adding additional information about the individuals (what groups they're part of). 


Contact DataContact DataData copied over to sheet2Data copied over to sheet2


I wanted to add an auto-sort onto the names in sheet1 to make sure that when it is populated with actual details, it is easy to find who I'm looking for. I added a VBA code for this.


VBA for auto-sortVBA for auto-sort


When a new name is added, it autosorts the order on sheet1, which then carries over to sheet2. This is fine and as I wanted, but as it adds the new information in sheet2, it adds as a single cell, and not a new row, which means it does not move the rest of the corresponding data. This can be seen here as I added the name Angie. Due to the auto-sort, it came in before Anna and Anne which is great. However, the ticks assigned to Anna and Anne group 1 have remained in the same row now assigned to Angie and Anna.


When adding a new name 'Angie', the data for the other individuals does not adjust for the new infomation addedWhen adding a new name 'Angie', the data for the other individuals does not adjust for the new infomation added


Is there a better way for me to do this and copy the data from sheet1 to sheet2? Or a way I can keep th data in sheet2 together? I thought about an IFErrorVLookup to carry the names over, similar to this, but I can't seem to get the formula right, and have no idea if this is going in the right direction.


=IFERROR(VLOOKUP('Participant Information'!$A$2:$A$19, 1, FALSE), "")


Thanks in advance for any help!! This is quite new for me so just doing my best!



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Assuming you have a very current version of Excel, there are a couple of "dynamic array" functions now available--notably SORT and FILTER-- that should do away with the need to write VBA routines to do a lot of what you're apparently doing. Microsoft created a YouTube video that introduces these, and it's a good one (it's where I learned of, and how to use, them.)


Beyond that, I would encourage you, since you're not using full names here, to post a copy of the actual workbook on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, with a link here that grants access to it. Working with the actual workbook is a LOT more helpful than with images.