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I have a workbook that was sent to me for my use but came password protected as it has sensitive information that was being sent by email. I have the password and have renamed and resaved the file but every time I open it, I again have to enter the password. When I go to "Protect Workbook" there is no option to unprotect and its the same if I look under Review in the ribbon. How can I get this file to stay unlocked?

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Password protection sits in "Save as". There you have "Options..." and you can choose to have no password.

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@Riny_van_Eekelen Brilliant. That worked. Thank you so much!


hi  @Riny_van_Eekelen - where is the unprotect option in which tab - unable to find it


@Balaji_B2019 The above thread deals with removing or changing a password to open a workbook. There is no button for it. As mentioned above, it is part of the "Save as" process. But allow me to expand my previous response. On a Mac: File, Save as, Options. On Windows: File, Save as, More options, Tools, General options.