UNIQUE function not avaliable

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My Excel license shows that I have subscribed to Microsoft 365, but I couldn't use some functions such as UNIQUE, it doesn't appear automatically when I type, and I get the wrong result when I press enter.

If that matters, I downloaded it from my school's official website and signed in with a .edu Email address.

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@ruixuan What build are you on?  


When they first rolled out dynamic arrays, you needed to be a part of the office insider program & in the Beta Channel.  If you click on File/Account do you see this?  




I use MacOS and couldn't find the exact page you shared (it seems like a screenshot on Windows). Although I did find it said Version 16.65(22091101) if that's the information you need.

@ruixuan Okay I'm not familiar with the mac application but have provided a couple links which may help you.  


Dynamic Array Formulas (Excel for Mac) - Microsoft Community


How to Join the Microsoft Office Insider Program for Mac (groovypost.com)




thank you for these posts! I am on the latest version though, so I'll quit it and try again tomorrow or open a new workbook to see if it is fixed.

Did it work for you? @ruixuan 

I couldn't recall clearly, but either restarting the laptop or re-downloading could fix it! @jasmine99