Trying to use equation In excel but keep receiving false message

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Hi all,


I am trying to submit =AI29=AJ29 into excel and it gave me a false message. I then tried to submit =IF(AI29=AJ29,TRUE,"") and it completely deletes the message. Im not sure what else to do. Im trying to use the y=mx+b equation from the graph in excel, to plug the y values back into x to solve for x, in order to check for continuity. 


If you could help, I would appreciate it!

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What do you mean by "it completely deletes the message"? The formula you mention would return a blank when it evaluates to a FALSE.


If the formula =AI29=AJ29 returns FALSE, it simply means that the two cell do NOT contain the exact same value. Are the both numbers, texts? Perhaps there are leading or trailing spaces in one or both but not in the same place.