Trying to link to cells and then drag autofill to summarise data

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I have a worksheet with a lot of text and numerical data within.

I would like to, on the same sheet or another tab (or another workbook), summarise some of the key data points.


However, after I create the cell reference for the first three items, when I go to autofill the next cells by dragging the fill handle, it does not learn the pattern, and creates new cell references.


In the attached you can see the first cell references B5, then below is F5 then J5.  However, when I drag the autofill down, the next cell it references is B8.


I have checked the drag to autofill function is on. If the automatic calculation function is ON, cell C60 references B8. If the manual calculation is on, then the pattern repeats starting with B5 again in C60.


I'm sure this worked in the past.  I have tried the same issue across tabs and worksheets, but the problem persists, whether the data is text or numbers.


Hopefully someone can help.


I'm using a Mac OS 11.6, and Excel for Mac 16.53.


cell reference corrected.png


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Could you attach a copy of the actual spreadsheet? AND give a clearer, more specific description of what you would want to have in those rows beginning in row 56 and on. All you have said is "I would like to... summarise some of the key data points." but you haven't said which ones.


Nevertheless, a copy of an actual spreadsheet is FAR more helpful for those of us who would want to help you than an image. Fill it with false data if the actual data is confidential....