Trying to gather hours from different workpackages

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Hello Guys,

I am trying to solve the following Problem:
I have different kind of projects named OVR,ITS and DIG. Inside these projects i am working of different packages like 2.1, 5.1, 3.3, 1, 3.5 etc. . And then you can also see the hours beeing display in the next column.

I now want to gather the hours for each Package (e.g. 2.1) and sort them to the projects.
My Idea was to use: =SUMIF(C:C, A:A, "OVR") but it did not work and gave me a error after error.

Any help regarding this? also sorry for my bad english


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SUMIF accepts wildcards, so you could do this:
=SUMIF(C:C, A:A, "OVR*")
=SUMIF(C:C, A:A, "OVR-2.1*")
That gives me 0 as summed up Hours.

I Do understand it correct, that A:A is my comment with the OVR and that my C:C are my hours?


Use @Jan Karel Pieterse 's formula but with SUMIFS instead of SUMIF

@Hans Vogelaar 

Hey thank you.

I tried to sort it not via OVR but via the workpackages like 2.1.

so now it would be =SUMIFS( J7:J16; I7:I16;"2.1*"), but it gives me 0 as an outcome. Anything i have to do different with numbers ?


I guess you need to use


=SUMIFS( J7:J16; I7:I16;"*2.1*")

even more exactly perhaps as

=SUMIFS( J7:J16; I7:I16;"*-2.1(*")

to make difference between 2.1, 22.1, 2.10 or so