Sumif input from a table

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Hi, I want to replace the sumif in the first line example with and input comming from a table. The solutions i did in the lower part of the image didn't worked...


Thanks for your futur help!


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You cannot enter any expression/formula in a literal array {...}. The solution is simple: remove the { }.



Thanks, worked well! do you have a link to explication about the literal array { } because i anderstand that i don't understand them well


Microsoft's documentation: Use array constants in array formulas 

The name "array constants" indicates that the elements of the array must be constant, not expressions.

Also see Array constant:

Array constant limitations

The curly braces surrounding an array constant signify "constant" to Excel's formula parsing engine. As a result, you can't include references or functions in an array constant, since doing so would make an array constant variable (i.e. not a constant).