Stockhistory Mutual Fund Performance Accuracy

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Good afternoon:


I've noticed that the performance data that the Stockhistory function returns for mutual funds is not correct. For example, the Stockhistory YTD performance for VSCAX shows as 15.03% through 3/1/21.  I compared that to two other sources that indicate the performance for VSCAX is 18.83% through 3/1/21.


Is this a known issue and is it being addressed?



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I'm asking around internally to see what's up. That number 15.03% matches what I'm seeing Google, and Bing report from Refinitiv. But like you I see different numbers from other sources, and doing my own calculation it should be closer to like 20%? I'm not an expert, but I'm looking into if this is a data discrepancy.
Thanks for looking into this. Perhaps there is a different method used for calculating YTD performance. By the way, this is just one of numerous examples of where there is a difference between what STOCKHISTORY shows and what other sources (such as show. I look forward to learn your findings.