#SPILL! error! Really, are you sure?

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I have found a problem with Excel which looks like a bug to me, but I'd like to hear an expert opinion. I have attached 2 JPEG's. My Excel version is Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2207 Build 16.0.15427.20182) 64-bi on Windows 10.
I have a 13x3 integer RANDARRAY(), in cells C3:E15. As you certainly know RANDARRAY() is a volatile function, and please note that I am using manual recalculation.
There is no hidden data or formulas in the blank cells!
Re the first JPEG: sometimes (maybe 1 out of 10 times) after pressing F9 to recalculate the sheet, I get a #SPILL! error which to me makes no sense.
Secondly, if then I click into the formula bar and press return, the result is calculated correctly without calling the RANDARRAY() function again. which proves that it _is_ possible to calculate the FILTER() function without a #SPILL! error:
Doesn't this look like an Excel bug? Could be a timing error in the calculation engine, maybe...
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Thanks Detlef. Wondering my Microsoft don't fix this problem. PS: here's the link to the Microsoft article mentioned in the video: