Slicer shows table elements

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I am having an issue with my Excel Slicers in the 365 version. When I go to edit the style, it seems to show only table elements, and therefore I am unable to edit the look of my slicer buttons. 

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@jclpr The Styles group, indeed, allows you to change the colour settings of the slicer and you can't add a custom style. In the Buttons group, however, you can set the size of the buttons and decide how many columns of buttons you want. That's it.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thanks for the quick response. I had seen that you could modify a Slicer Style by duplicating an existing style and modifying it. A dialog box would pop up and there adjustments could be made. My issue is that my dialog box only presents table elements and not slicer elements.

Table Element section, should read "Slicer element"Table Element section, should read "Slicer element"

@jclpr Ah, yes I had forgotten about that. Modifying table styles is something I never use actually. It seems that the slicer styles are following similar 'rules' (and terms) for modification and it seems to be not as extensive as it may seem. Where it says "Whole table" think of the slicer as a table with buttons in it. You can set the color, set bold or italic text. But when I tried to change the font color to e.g. red it will not show in the slicer. But then again, I'm not bothered with it as I don't have a need for this 'feature'.