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must all macro shortcut keys start with Ctrl in Excel? 

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The shortcuts in Excel don't just start with Ctrl.

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel

This article describes the keyboard shortcuts, function keys, and some other common shortcut keys in Excel for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web.


..or Define your own keyboard shortcuts

For that you need to record macros. Macros make it possible to record and save a sequence of work steps. If you then run the macro, Excel will then automatically perform the same steps. The practical thing about it: you can assign key combinations to macros and activate them quickly.


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Thank you NikolinoDE for your quick response. I am recording macros in Excel but want to avoid using Ctrl + (something) as this is used for so many existing shortcuts. When I have finished recording a macro and want to assign a shortcut this seems to be the only option. For example, the spreadsheet I am working on I have imported from an Open Office spreadsheet in which I used the shortcut, / + spacebar. This was very convenient. I wanted to use this in the Excel spreadsheet but it doesn't seem possible.


We can use the OnKey method to define a keyboard shortcut. We define the key combination and the macro to be executed.

For example, the percent sign % represents the ALT key.

For more keyboard shortcuts, see the Excel developer reference for the Application.OnKey method.

Here is the code for the CTRL+ENTER key combination in VBA ^~ .
You can specify any key combination including SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT.



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@NikolinoDE Thank you again for your help.  I had hoped to avoid getting into VBA but I shall take a look at how the macro appears in VBA and see if I can modify it.