Sheet Content Not Responding

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I copied all the data from several sheets into one sheet; That sheet now has more than 700,000 items. 

I want to now format some of the columns, for instance center A, change A and D to Date. 

When I try to center the headers move but not the data in the column. When I change the type from General to Date there is no change to the data.




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The fact that A and D are lined up on the left side of the cell would indicate that they're there as text, not as numbers. What you'll need to do is create a couple of temporary "helper columns" so as to convert the text into values. The formula =VALUE(A2) copied down in the column to the bottom of all these rows will turn 43619 into whatever value it is; then you'll be able to format that value as a date. Once that's done, assuming you want it in column A, you can select the entire column from that temporary helper column and do a Copy.....Paste Special .... Values and Number Format from the helper column into column A. Just make sure you use Copy and Paste Special ... Then the same with column D.