Setting Default Pivot Table Options does not work (Excel 2016?)

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Hello All,


I recently discovered the new feature in Excel 2016 that allows you to set the default options for pivot tables in Options>Data>Edit Default Layout>PivotTable Options.  I was very excited because I am always changing the same options for every single pivot table i create (classic view, show zero for error or missing data, don't adjust column width etc).  It saves my settings in the option screen but when i create a new pivot table they just revert to the standard options.

Has anyone gotten this to work?


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Precisely how do you insert the Pivot Table? Do you use Insert, Pivot table? Is your workbook saved as xlsm or xlsx?

Generally I use the Pivot Table and PivotChart Wizard quick access button.



I just did standard Insert>Pivot Table and it DID work! is there another quick access button that would work? Small request but would be great if MS could fix that.

Appreciate the clue into getting this working!!
You could just right-click the button on the insert tab and select add to QAT.
Did not know you could do that either - Thank you!