Rename / Delete Tabs or Lines Greyed Out


Hi There, 


Hopefully a simple fix but I have a sheet with multiple lines, and multiple tabs.  I added basic protection on each sheet to prevent data being changed on certain cells.  Now even when removing this protection the options to rename the tabs are greyed out (and I would like to rename them) 

Insert, Rename, Delete, move or copy are all greyed out.


Im sure its a super simple fix (but not for me of course!)


Can anyone help?



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You may have protection on the workbook level that still exists as the responsible for gray out these options is the Protect Workbook feature!

Please make sure to remove it as well.

Protect Workbook.png


Hope that helps

Thank you @Haytham Amairah that worked great 

i dont remember the password, then how this issue will sort out ?