Problem with displaying styles in excel

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I lost the constant display of styles, now I always have to click on the button to see them.

the way I see it now


but I need to see it like this


how i can fix this? it looks like the partition is collapsed, but I can't unwrap it.


help me please

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Does it help if you make the workbook window wider?


No, there is a free space on the right side, but if i change the language in the program, everything is shown correctly (but when i back, i have trouble again)

@Hans Vogelaar 


You can report the problem from within Excel: select File > Send a Frown (or the equivalent in your language, of course)

all my exel files has this problem) i dont understand whats happened
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Home tab is overloaded and in Russian icon names are much wider compare to English. Expanded cell styles requires lot of space which is not enough in Russian version.

Above is just my guess after I played with both. 


Thank you so much for your reply, that solved my problem!


some time after installation, excel adds the add-in section to the shortcut bar (not immediately) and this makes the styles window become a button

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As workaround you may create new tab and new group on ribbon, add to it Cell Styles, don't forget to untick Minimize Gallery from the right click menu on Cell Styles here


Result will be like


Doing above you may give any names to new tab/group and place it on ribbon on most suitable for you place. Since this group will be relatively empty you may add other icons to work with cells to keep them in one place. Depends on what do you use more often.

This is a good idea, thank you for this solution)

@Sergei Baklan 

@Sergey_SN , you are welcome