Power Query in Mac for Sharepoint files

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I am trying to get data in Power Query in Mac from an Excel file in Sharepoint. Is this possible with Excel for Mac? 

I only see the option "Sharepoint Online List" for not Sharepoint folder or file. 

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Hi @BelenZ 


(I'm not a Mac user & don't have a SharePoint site)

If you refer to Power Query data sources in Excel versions - section Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac - the page currently says, re. SharePoint:



If you go to subsequent page Import and shape data in Excel for Mac (Power Query), - section Refresh data sources - says:



My interpretation/understanding: As you experience you cannot connect to and import data from a SharePoint File/Folder from a Mac. However, if you build your query to a SharePoint File/Folder from a PC you should be able to Refresh that query from your Mac
==> To be tested and confirmed here Please (this might help other Mac users)