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a short explanation on my infrastructure:

- i have an Office 365 Group which have an excel document shared on it.

- on my power bi desktop (i upgraded the license to Pro), i published a dataset which is built from this excel file 

- i have another excel file (on the computer of the user office 365 group) that needs to connect to the power bi dataset and analyze it

i don't have in the Get Data | connect to power BI
like it shows under this link

i am not sure how am i able to use the answer for the post above
"Analysis Services" instance of your Power BI dataset
when i tried using the connection of "Analyze in Excel" pivot table it didn't succeed
please advise what am i doing wrong


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From Power BI connector for Excel shall be in production for E3/E5, you also need to have Power BI Pro license, please check Simplifying enterprise data discovery and analysis in Microsoft Excel - Page 2 - Microsoft Tech Comm...


Analyze in Excel - that's better to ask on Power BI site and check, not sure how it works now.