Populating a single row on template with data from multiple rows on another sheet

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This is my first post so I apologize if I've left anything out!

Device and OS platform: 

  • MacBook Pro, macOS Monterey Version 12.5.1

Excel product name and version number:

  • Microsoft Excel for Mac, Version 16.65 (part of a 365 subscription) 

Excel file you’re working with or sample file with data: 

  • couldn't figure out how to share a link to the excel file without going through Sharepoint. If there's a way to attach a file, I can attach the excel workbook! 

As much context of what you're trying to do - and why - as possible:

  • Our clients send over a census file with the information we need to underwrite and import the eligible employees into our platform.
  • A few of our clients don't want to, can't, or won't use the template we provide them and instead just export the data and send that file to us regardless of how it's formatted.
  • Generally, I might just need to change some of the reference columns in a few of my formulas, but this file is a bit trickier and it doesn't look like the formulas I've previously created for other employers can easily be reworked to use on this one.
  • Hoping to brainstorm with anyone who has suggestions, ideas, advice, etc!

Expected result and method to achieve the result:

  • Coming up with a process that uses formulas to automatically take the data and plug it into the templates we use for our processes.  
  • The fewer manual steps that are involved, the better! We will be getting a new file each week and don't really have the time to do things manually
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