Place Multiple Categories in a Single Cell?

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I'm trying to sort through data I'm inputting manually into a table and I'm wondering how to format a cell. I have a column for categories, and I want to assign one value to multiple categories. However, all it does is make the input into a new category. In my A column, I have a note. In my B column, I have the category that is assigned to that note. I am trying to assign multiple categories to a few of the notes, but it's not working how I intend. For example, one of my notes is "Use bulletin and mail from leadership in CDS for positive messaging and general resort/area updates" and the category is "Employees". The next note is "Put two-ply toilet paper in all Resort restrooms" and that category is "Resort 1". However, I have a note that applies to two categories: "Resort 1" and "Resort 2". What do I put into the cell that allows me to assign both of those categories, and filter them if I need to, instead of it creating a new category that just says "Resort 1, Resort 2"?

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@whalebait99  Here is a screenshot exemplifying what I mean.


I'd keep Category as single value and repeat (copy/paste) Change for each other category.

Same "Put toilet paper" could be completed for Resort 1 and uncompleted for Resort 2, priorities could be different for different categories, etc.


I have a similar issue. I have collected data with 15 category types, identified with either one or two capital letters (eg: Advert = A or Music and Culture = MC). I have them in a single column with a maximum of three categories per unit, for example, cell C3 reads, 'RP, F, P'. I assigned each letter(s) a number from 1-15 using the SWITCH function but it only works for single category cells. Is there anyway to convert my multiple category cells or will I have to change my collection method/notation?