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Hi - I am able to create Pivot Tables from data but have something that's a little out of my depth - not even sure there is a way to do it but figured I'd try and I hope I'm explaining myself clearly with what I need.  


First off I'm running PC/Windows 10 and Excel


I am trying to make two pivot tables side by side if possible using same data set to show different analysis of the same data.  On the attached I gave a sample of my data (Columns A through H through Row 9) and then below that I showed how I would like the pivot tables to display the information.  


What I am looking for is to see the volume by agent, the sales rep attached to it and IF the agent used a manager.  Then to the right of that I would also need to see the sold case volume by sales rep based on that information.  

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@antjamally Something like in the attached file perhaps?


Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 06.47.50.png

Yes thank you - however the only thing I also would need is on the right pivot table is which agent (and manager if applicable) were attributed to the Sales Exec's sale, i.e., Marcia had 1 sale in 2019, who was the agent and if there was a manager or not used with the sale.
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@antjamally Like so?

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 16.40.12.png

Just drag the Agent and Manager fields into the Rows area.

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 16.40.41.png

Yes! Riny - thank you very much for you assistance! Have a wonderful day!