Pilot Logbook Titles Excel

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Would anybody know how to get the column titles at the top (DUAL, PIC, CO-PILOT, etc.) to appear at the bottom of the logbook as well (where the totals are, so one does not have to scroll to the top to see which value belongs to which column?) ? 


Thank you in advance!

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Let me suggest you put the totals at the top, above the table headers, rather than at the bottom. When the raw data are in a table, as this appears to be, it's a mistake to use the bottom row for totals--since Excel tables can expand continuously. 


Or have a separate tab/sheet that displays the summary data. 


Either way, what I'm suggesting is that you not mix the raw data (let's call it the Input data) with the Summary , also known as Output.


I'd start by selecting row 4, then selecting Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes on the View tab of the ribbon.

That way, the top 3 rows will always be visible at the top.


If you don't like that, select Freeze Panes > Unfreeze Panes, then select the last visible row, and click Split in the same group as Freeze Panes. You can then scroll up the contents of the lower pane to display the 3rd row.