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Please could somebody tell me how to create unique passwords for users on different sheets. I do not want users to be able to see any other sheet apart from their own, that they will have a password for. 

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sharepoint can assign read or write rights to workbook file。


Based on your text, it is not clear whether you are working in a network, Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc.

It is also not possible to see which Excel version you are working with.

If I may recommend, more detailed information would help those users who want to help.


Anyway, here's an old file that I got from the internet (unfortunately don't remember which site to send you the link from), used a few times...does your job.

This file is in VBA, I don't know if this is possible for you.


You can also try Share Workbook, here is a link with video instructions.

Share your Excel workbook with others


Hope to have helped anyway.



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