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i had recently been creating an excel document with lots of sheets and i would like to create table of contents. Each page has page number in header that shows on sheet 1 pages 1-3, on sheet 2 show pages 1-5..... this continues on each page. The pages make total of over 200 and this number gets shown on the pages when i try to print the document. Is there a way to create a link to page numbers of each sheet? For example:


Table of contents

Units sold in US....................... 3-4

Units sold in Germany ..........5-8

Units sold in Italy.................... 9-12


Create link to title of the list is easy, but i have trouble getting the numbers without typing it manualy.

It is possible for me in the foture to add more sheets in the middle of the document so that is why manual numbering of hundereds of the pages is not great idea. I have searched for function that would tell me the page number, but found only sheet number, which doesnt help me.



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An Excel workbook becomes quite large as more and more worksheets are created inside. The more worksheets there are, the more difficult it is to keep the overview of the worksheets. Therefore, you need a table of contents to quickly navigate among worksheets in Excel. This article will show you methods to achieve it.

How To Create A Table Of Contents For All Spreadsheets Tab Name With Hyperlinks In Excel?

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