Network connection issue in Excel

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Hi folks,

Lately, any time I try to access Excel's Help tool, I get a message that says, "Sorry, something went wrong.  Please check your network connection and try again." 

I don't have any other connectivity issues.  I recently reloaded the Office app (MS Office 365, Excel 2016), after which the Help function worked.  But, the next time I tried, a few days later, I got the same Error message to use it.

Can anyone provide some guidance on this issue?

Thank you,


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It's likely an account error. Go to File | Account and click the 'Fix' button, if available. If there's no 'Fix' button, sign out and then sign back into your account.


Curious, "I recently reloaded the Office app (MS Office 365, Excel 2016)", do you have 365 and 2016 on one computer in parallel (if so when how) or these are different computers?


That was the issue.  Thank you.  


You're welcome. Glad it worked!