Nesting equipment groups in excel

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I am new to the deeper levels of Excel and I am trying to solve a problem at work. We have equipment lists thousand of lines long. These lists could be easier to manage if we could put them in packages, for instance "dual monitor cpu setup". Each package would include multiple items that will later need to be purchased individually, but to having the working list shorter, there would be less margin for errors.


I was imagining putting all the packages on one tab, then referring to them package name on a second tab (the working list), then a third tab would look at tab 2 and break all the packages out into individual items automatically. It would aslo transfer over any individual items. That would be the purchase sheet. 


Is this possible? Thanks for your help.

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If you add "Package name" as a column to your current table of items you can filter the table for "Package name", possibly by adding a slicer for that column. Then after applying to filter you can easily copy the visible rows to anywhere else.

Yes I can see how that would help. But if we could prevent staff from having to enter every item individually, that would cut down on human error. I think I can do the short list and then use a count formula to add numbers to the purchasing tab that would include the individual items.. something that came to me in my sleep.

I think you'd need some VBA routines that help with copying filtered items elsewhere.