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Hello there,


I am getting this #NAME error in my excel workbook and want to ignore it and leave it as it is. 


I am attaching a picture of the error and I want to leave that (error) as visible text because it's a location name is there any way that I can ignore it? 





Thank you


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Try prefixing the value with an apostrophe (single straight quote)

so I am importing that from somewhere else and the data-collecting process is fully automated.

Moreover, we have a cycle running for this file in the background and that cycle is importing data to this file.


Can you modify the data-collecting process to prefix the apostrophe?

In our case, No i can't

so what we are basically doing is,

someone is submitting a pdf file from MS Forms that I have already created, then MS Forms will send that file to the Power Automate Flow, and then that Power Automate flow will collect all the required information from the pdf file (submitted file) and import that file into the excel spreadsheet.

And the data-collecting process is automated so we can't make any changes.

Also, the excel file is in my Onedrive so I can pre-edit the whole column. If there is a way that I can keep that data as it is then that will solve my problem.

Thank you