#NAME? error with IFS Function

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Currently stuck on my course as I am unable to get past this error. 



Is the Function the paper is telling me to use, I can copied this directly from the page and it still doesn't work in my sheet. Brand new to this, I'm stuck for ideas. Any help appreciated. 

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@OldRustyDog The IFS function is available in Excel in Microsoft 365, Office 2021 and Office 2019, and in Excel Online as well.

Which version do you have?

Excel 2016, on work laptop so not my choice


That means you cannot use IFS.

You might use Excel Online (in the browser) for this exercise.

Or if you are allowed to use an alternative, you could use nested IF functions:


=IF(AD2>300,"Large", IF(AD2>100, "Medium", IF(AD2>0, "Small", "")))


Please note that you must use straight quotes around text values, not curly/smart quotes.



Another approach that should work on legacy code is


= LOOKUP(AD2, {1;101;301}, {"Small";"Medium";"Large"})


The boundaries have been tweaked because LOOKUP implements ">=100" rather than ">100" as required.