Multiply two cells and add a percentage increase giving result

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I can master this on a calculator, but it doesn't appear to be straight forward for me today...

I want a result in my cell J14 to be (H14*F14)+C14 where C14 is formatted as a percentage ie 45%

I then want the result to continue ie (H15*F15)+C14 (the percentage will always be in cell C14)


Simply two cells multiplied adding on the percentage amount in a fixed cell.

It is so I can work out how many kilo's I require in a large feed bale at it's full weight not the dry matter weight.

If I used a calculator it would simply be (143 x 2.5) + 45% = 518.375

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Thank you, what a star! I think I had the right elements in the wrong order but not with the 1+ leading. Champion!!
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