multiple currencies in excel sheet

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I have an excel sheet which I use to provide costing in various currencies, one column in € and the next one is in $ or £.

I can switch between currencies, making currency sign (and do conversion based on exchange rates) in various columns dependent on a parameter in the overall sheet, but does anyone have any suggestion on HOW to switch between decimal separators? € uses , and £ and $ have . as decimal separators.

it is in 1 sheet in 1 workbook, so no option to have 1 workbook using system separator and other one using excel specific separators

I would prefer to use standard formulas and functions





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@Mar10 If I were you I would not worry too much about the decimal separator. I'm frequently involved in multi-currency reporting with Euros, Dollars and Pounds and just use the period for all. Haven't had any complaints. Everybody seems to understand.


@Riny_van_Eekelenthat was my "2nd best" option but for customers in EU this does seem at least very weird...I guess in a commercial offer the difference between a thousands or decimal seprator is more relevant than in a normal report where idd everyone adapts...

thx anyway for your reaction