Making a Table that gets data and fills it in

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Hi everyone! I'm sorry if it has been already asked! But i've been going crazy trying to make this table work:

so This is my excel sheet. 
I wanna make a table in a seperate sheet. That looks at this sheet and finds data puts the name and the data in the table. 

So like Name 1 has the values of 25 25 and 10. Is it possible to make a formula that Writes the name in the table and combines the values together and pastes them into the table again: For example:

like this: yQws5zr
This is manually typed. No formula as of yet. I'm trying to figure out how to check if there is data in like Cell B4'B5'B6 then enter the name of that collum in the table and combine the values to the table. Anyone have any suggestions?

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