macro problem in excel

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when i am working in excel to make a dinamic data entry form.but there is so many problem i am face.i just use a simple formula like =d4*5% his formula isnt  work proparly.but when i use =d5*3% this time its work.however there is a big isue in my office 2021 in excel.when i am use macro record its work but i am try to active a button n click right button in my mouse i am not find the assine macro.its missing.i show u ............... 


can any one tell me how can i solve this problem.plese help me how can i fix this problem.......


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Could you attach a small sample workbook demonstrating the problem (without sensitive data), or if that is not possible, make it available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar?

i appricieate you hans to respons my problem.but there is a problem i dont know how can i attach a sample workbook in one drive,google drive or dropbox or others.can you help me to how can i attach my sample pls.................just the direction howwwwwwwww?pls help..............hans..................
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As an alternative, you can attach the file to a Private Message to me (click on my avatar), or email it to

hans dot vogelaar at gmail dot com


Thanks. You sent me a screenshot. It looks like you right-clicked on a cell.

Could you send me a copy of the workbook itself? You should be able to attach it to a private message.

email address removed for privacy reasons is this is your email id hans?pls confirm me i sent you a copy of my workbook..............
sir i sent a copy of my workbook.i apriciate you.............


I have received your workbook. As I suspected, you hadn't created a button.

See the attached version. I created a button and streamlined the code a bit.