looking to complete an if/countif/and statement

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The formula is currently at =IF(AND(COUNTIF($P$2:$P$210,$S$214),COUNTIF($N$2:$N$210,S215)), $C2, "")


The goal is to check column P for cells containing a specific value AND column N for a specific value. If both are true the output i want is to be from column C that aligns with whatever row satisfies the statement. I got it to work for C2 but I haven't figured out to continue, as it may not be in order. 


*Note* there will never be a duplicate so i am not worried about there being more than one instance where column P and N will have multiple rows with the same info


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in excel 365 try:
=XLOOKUP($S$214&S215, $P$2:$P$210&$N$2:$N$210, $C$2:$C$210, "")