Looking to automate a manual process in my personal budget sheet.

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I'd like to know if I can automate a process using excel to make my personal budgeting easier. 

Currently I have a spreadsheet that has my:
budget line items,
how much money from my bi-weekly pay gets attributed to each budgeted item, which I call my "account" for each item. 
an account balance which is the sum of my bi-weekly contributions from my pay, minus the sum of my monthly expenses

Sample based on fake numbers below: 

a                                b                  c                          d             e             f             g           H

Budget line itembi-weekly $Acct balanceJan febmarch aprilTotal spent
Food362446640   640
Utilities15616826040  300
Excel training250-164235643325766
Bi-weekly earnings1518      


The formula in "acct balance" looks like this"=(B3+B3+B3)-SUM(D3:G3)"

What I'd like to automate is the addition of the "B3" into that formula ever time I get paid. Currently I got through and manually add it in. My real budget has several rows and this is super time consuming, boring, and annoying. 

Is there a better way? Advice on what topics to learn about or a solution are really appreciated. 

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