Large/small Formula to identify the nth duplicate and return the row number

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I am trying to get the specific row number of the largest or smallest value in order and unfortunately cannot seem to find a solution that gives the row number.




This is how the columns look and preferrable way to display the table for the next stage of the data conversion. Each column is a different set of data but have the same formula, bar the referenced column. As you can see highlighted are the duplicate rows where the number is the same but I need the specific row of that duplicate value.


It should be a simple fix, however I have yet to resolve it.


Thank you in advance



[data extract updated 15.09.2022 13:30 to match the attached data set]




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You can try this formula. Enter the formula with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office365 or 2021.

rows of duplicate values.JPG

@OliverScheurich Thank you for your response, unfortunately, the formula appears to take the values <= 2,000 from the last number in the column and work sequentially up, as opposed to in order of the greatest number. 


This was the result vs expectation :- 


Hopefully, this further clarifies what I am attempting to achieve. 



Which formula do you use in your sheet?


The suggested formula returns the expected result. I entered 11000 in cells N7 and N240 and the formula returns 240 and 7.

duplicates rows.JPG

Hello, I used the one you suggested - =IFERROR(MATCH(LARGE(IF((N$1:N$2000<>0)*(COUNTIF(N$1:N$2000,N$1:N$2000)>1),ROW($1:$2000)),ROW(1:1)),ROW($1:$2000),0),"")


Can you attach your workbook without sensitive data?

@OliverScheurich - thank you. I was on A/L, I had to update the data set which is attached and extract in the original post.