keep source formatting from word to excel

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Please someone tell me how to keep the source formatting when pasting from word to excel!!! It's driving me mad and generating a lot of extra work

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In Excel, click the lower half of the Paste button on the home tab of the ribbon, and select the first option: Keep Source Formatting.



yes, but that is greyed out when pasting more than one line of test - sorry should've been clearer...@Hans Vogelaar 


Are you trying to paste multiple lines/paragraphs into a range, or into a single cell?

into a single cell - It seems it isn't possible to do that without losing formatting - another solution would be if I could get excel to check spelling as I type - that's the reason I'm pasting in from word in the first place @Hans Vogelaar 


As you have found, it is not possible to preserve formatting when you start editing a cell and then paste text into it.

Excel does not provide "live" spell-checking, but you can press F7 to spell-check a range of cells.

@Hans Vogelaar yes, but the excel spell checker does not highlight or underline, so is very time consuming. It is quicker to do the spellchecking in word and paste in - even though that means re-doing all the formatting - hey ho....I don't think there is any better way round my problem...