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Issues with Excel ActiveX checkboxes

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I have an excel workbook with macros that uses ActiveX checkboxes and dropdowns. I've had a few colleagues mention a strange "glitch" is happening with these workbooks. They have 2 devices, one "big" screen computer and one laptop. When they use the workbook on their laptop, the ActiveX controls all work perfectly fine however, when they try to transfer it to their bigger screen and use it there, ONLY the checkboxes aren't working while the dropdowns all work for them. They can't select or deselect with the checkboxes. No error message pops up, no "enable content" message either. Just unresponsive. Would anyone know what could be causing this issue? 

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I do not have an answer for you, but you have solved a problem I have been having. As recently as June, I have been able to open a file with ActiveX buttons and they all worked correctly. As of this week when I tried to use the program, none of the buttons would do anything when I tried to click on them.


Yesterday I was working in my kitchen and tried again, on my laptop, and they worked!  I just tried again today in my office that has two external monitors, and nothing.  I searched for an answer, saw your dilemma, and poof!  I can now use the ActiveX controls, but only if the file is on my laptop and not on my external screens.


This has to be some sort of update that Microsoft has made between June and now, since I know that I have been able to use those buttons in this exact file on the external screens in June.  


Hope narrowing down the timing of the issue is helpful in your search for an answer.


Seems to be related to the different screen resolutions...but I'm not so sure.


Try it in draft mode

- right mouse button on the button

- Format control - Properties tab

- Change object positioning to the first point (depending on cell position and size)


These settings are in Excel 2013 (I'm busy right now  :), please adjust them to 365 if necessary.
Hope this can help you


I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

Seasand, I may have found just the fix for you! Go to File > Options > General in Excel, and under User Interface Options, select "Optimize for Compatibility". The issue was due to the scale of the specific monitor you were on, and that fixes it.