Is there a way to add text to a cell based off the fill or no fill of another cell, not using macros

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Hello, I was hoping (see example below) to have Column B which has some cell filled with color to auto fill in Column C with relative text, (in this case the word "get") based off of color or no fill at all. But I would like for this to be done without macros if possible, as this sheet is shared on Onedrive. 


Here is an example of what I am hoping to achieve. For cells without color have the word "get" appear respectively in column C and with blue, have the letters "tc" appear respectively in column C:



Is this possible?


Thank you for any help.

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Not without macro's or office script. But if you can tell us the rule what makes a cell in column B have yellow or blue, you can use a simple formula in column C to change the displayed text