is my computer up to par for excel

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I'm doing some data analysis in excel and i find my self waiting on the computer to process my request in excel, the files I'm working with are around 36,000-400,000 kb in size  have 15-60 columns and 20k-300k rows per file  and most time have multiple excel applications running at once my system is a  HP Elite Desk 800 G1 that has 8gb of ram an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz. if i upgrade my ram to 16gb will it improve the performance of excel or just upgrade to a newer workstation ? 


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Upgrading is always good if you have the change. :).

My humble opinion is that if you upgrade it is better the hard drive.

I would from a simple HDD to an SSD hard drive invest if i want more speed.

You will surely see a difference in speed.

In addition to the hard drive, I would then also upgrade the RAM.

Just upgrade RAM, you as a user will not see that big a difference.

But with the hard drive :).


This does not mean that your device is not sufficient for Office.

According to the data, you have a very good device.

Of course there are also various so-called software boosters to buy,

but I don't know anything about them and don't think much of it.


Anyway that would be my humble opinion, when it comes to upgrade.


Thanks for your time and patience



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Hi @needmoremacro


Maybe you need to structure your dataset into smaller chunks of tables, for example do you have to load 15-60 columns of data where (if you're using vba macro)  the procedure only uses less than 10 columns or/especially if you are using data modeling   Just a suggestion.