is it possible to find 2 words that makes a sentence unique out more sentences?

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Dear community,

I put 100 question from Word to an Excel file. And then seperate each word from an sentence into a seperate column.


My goal is to find an unique word in a sentence that is not in other sentences. 

For identifying the sentence.


To find an unique word n a sentence that is not in other sentences is easy.

But what about finding 2 words combined that makes the sentence unique that is not in other sentences !


Is that possible in Excel? Who can help me?


Gr. P

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Can you share the file or screenshot of data and what result you are expecting ?

For example these are 3 dutch sentences:

  1. 's Avonds doe ik mijn ring af. lk leg het altijd op de kast
  2. Aaliyah pakt eerst een kopje koffie. Daarna gaat ze naar school
  3. Aaron gaat donderdag op reis. Hij vindt dat leuk

De word "ring" is only in sentence 1. It isn't in the other sentences. So i can identify sentence 1 by its word "ring". Is it possible to make a combination of 2 words that makes it unique to identify a sentence.


I have devide every word of each sentence in its own Excel column. Is there a way to select f.e. 2 words from a sentence and that excel shows me if they are unique?


Gr. P

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also unique why not identify sentence 1 by Avonds rather than ring?