Index, match and max function with specific criteria

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I am using the following formula to index and match a row with the highest value.



I would like to add an IF statement with a specific criteria to this formula so it indexes the row with the highest value if the value in another column = a specific text.



This is a screenshot of what I am working with.  I would like Q16 to use that formula, only if the cell in the same row of B5:B35 = "ATV / SxS".  In other words, I want Q16 to give me the name in column A that corresponds to the highest value in column G IF the value in column B = "ATV / SxS".


Hopefully that makes sense.  I appreciate any help I can get.




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You may try something like this...


=INDEX(A5:A35,MATCH(MAX(INDEX((B5:B35="ATV / SxS")*G5:G35,)),G5:G35,0))

@bhowell ,,,


You may try this array (CSE) formula:




{=VLOOKUP(MAX(IF($B$5:$B$35="ATV/SxS", $G$5:$G$35,0)),$A$5:$G$35,1,FALSE)}

Or you may try this non-array formula even:





  • Finish array (CSE) formula with Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
  • Adjust cell references in the formula as needed.