Index function and #NUM! error



I write a formula and it shows #NUM! error

I have added an image and the link of the sample file below

Please have a look

Thank you



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This function LARGE(K5:K38,34) causing error because you do not have 34th largest value in range K5:K38. What is you desired output from LARGE(K5:K38,34)?


because I want to get entire 34 rows of the table,and sorted values of column K from highest to lowest and using Filter function to get  out 3 columns from 6 first columns, but I dont know what the function to get that.That's why I use it.

I writed a formula again: 


the value is sorted fail

Can you give me some advicing

Thank you


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@small_village The formula in column K returns a hyphen when the VLOOKUP doesn't find a match. Change that to the number 0 (no quotation marks). Then the formula in X5 will sort correctly.


By the way, since you have a modern Excel version that supports dynamic arrays, why not skip using VLOOKUP. Better to look into XLOOKUP. Add more flexibility and no need for IFERROR as XLOOKUP includes an argument [if_not_found].


Thank you Riny

It is done

How can the Xlookup returns array what I expect the same Index function



@small_village Nothing wrong with that index function. I was referring to the formulas in column K in the earlier schedule, where VLOOKUP could be replaced by XLOOKUP.